New Metro City Gujar Khan is a cutting-edge upcoming project which is a mega-development located in the most suitable location. New Metro City Gujar khan will provide a prestigious housing society with several futuristic facilities and amenities. The project will be launched in one of the major cities.

This modern housing project not only captured the attention of investors and residents but also provides a peaceful and comfortable environment for residents.

Owner & Developer of the project:

The project of New Metro City Gujar Khan is developed by BSM ( Billal Steel Mills ) developers. The CEO of BSM developers is Mr. Bialal Mlik who is the grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz. He is well-known in the business world. After their previous successful project, they started a new project for New Metro City Gujarkhan.

Legal Status of project:

The project of the new metro city Gujar khan is approved by the RDA ( Rawalpindi Development Authority). So there is no chance of any scams or frauds, and investors can invest in a beautiful project with peace of mind.

Location of the Project:

New Metro City Gujar Khan is located at GT Road, Gujar Khan. It’s a prime location easily accessible. It also connects with Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The railway line of Islamabad and Rawalpindi can also be reached within meter minutes from the new metro city.

Latest Development updates of New Metro City Gujar Khan:

the new metro city is starting from the main GT Road of Gujar Khan. There is two entrance to the project. Which are Gate-1 and Gate-2. After entering these two entrances, you will first face Early Bird Block A. It is the ist block of the society and Gate-1 and Gate-2 meet at this block.

After the Early Bird Block on the left side, there is Block B and on the right side, there is a South Block A. If you move forward from the south block there is a Central Block on the left side. And on the right side Block, C is saturated.

If you go forward one more step there is a D block on the left side and a lost cost Block on the right side.

After passing these blocks a GolfFairways Block is saturated and on the right side of GolfFairways there is an Eifel Tower, Theme Park, and educational institutes ate saturated.

After passing all these blocks there is a motorway that provides premium access to the twin cities.

The housing project of New Metro City Gujar Khan is built by a real estate firm BSM Developers. They developed the project with many years of expertise and with the help of skilled specialists. The aim of BSM developers is to create a world-class infrastructure.

The development process of society is in full swing. Land leveling, road construction, and society office work are on the fast track.

If we start from the main Gate then the base of the main Gate is almost completed, and on the 14th of October 2022, the Grand Breaking Ceremony was held by Malik Bilal Bashir. In the coming two months the main Gate will be completely developed.

The land leveling of the main boulevard is under process. The earthwork of the boulevard is completed and now the subbase process is started. In the coming 10 to 15 days the street lights will be installed on the main boulevard.

The development of the glow park is also under process. The total area of the glow park is 100 Kanal. This large park will attract the whole Gujar Khan.

At Trafalgar Square, the lights are installed and given it proper shape, which is the replica of London Trafalgar. It is saturated on a higher point and will present a very beautiful view.

After Trafalgar, there are supreme villas of 7 Marla. The deadline for the completion of 7 Marla villas is 28 February 2023. The base of the Villas is completed. There are also 5 Marla Villas.

The underground power lines, smart sewerage system, jogging tracks, carpeted roads, family parks, and green belts are all examples of a well-planned society. These all facilities are under construction. Due to well-planned and modern infrastructure, New Metro City Gujar Khan is the most renowned place to live in Rawalpindi.


The housing project of the new metro city would be appreciated by investors due to its futuristic facilities and budget-friendly rates.

Due to its pre-launched development, the property rates are so reasonable, So it’s a plus point for investors to invest their money at right time.

The trustworthy developers designed this project with all the essential components of a luxurious residence.

So it’s a great opportunity for residents and investors to enlighten their life and provide a wonderful home with an outstanding lifestyle for their loved ones. And can get significant profit from their investments.

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